During my free time, I enjoy spending it with my little family: Jordan and our two feline children Tazz and Mia. I enjoy date nights with hubby, especially if it involves pasta or Thai food!. To unwind after a wedding day we love to have lazy Sundays and literally DO nothing but lay in bed all day and watch our favorite Netflix series of the moment.
Before I let you go, I do want to emphasize how honored I feel to walk alongside my couples in this process and how important it is for me that they have an outstanding experience.  So, I just want to say thank you for being here and considering me for your special day. I really enjoyed sharing a little bit about myself, and I can’t wait to hear a little about you!

I was born and raised in Bogota, the capital city of the beautiful country of Colombia. My love for photography started when my parents gifted me my first camera for my 15th birthday. At that time I was about to graduate high school and decided I wanted to study photography before going into college. I didn't know this would change my life.
In 2018 I graduated from college with two degrees, one in Business Administration and another one in Marketing. Both of these along with my photography studies prompted me to start my own company. Since then God has allowed me to utilize all of the talents that he has given me to document the moments and heirlooms of amazing couples, and to witness their love unfold before God. I feel so blessed to capture photographs that you and your family will cherish for many lifetimes yet to come. 




- Henry Austin Dobson

"All passes, art alone endures”

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Nothing brings me more joy than traveling. Being able to admire God's creation around the world is an indescribable feeling. I love the opportunity to get to learn about different cultures and traditions - my biggest goal is to learn more than 4 languages. So far I have two!

Fueling Our Souls


We believe that life's biggest and smallest moments are worth celebrating. You'll always find a bottle of champagne in our fridge in the event that the night deserves a bit of celebrating!

Fueling Our Souls

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We are undeserving of his infinite love and mercy and even so, He continues to change our lives every single day and blessing us in ways we could never imagine. 

Fueling Our Souls


All passes. But art, and art alone, endures.  The sentiment of creating something that makes someone else feel something, that is untouchable. That connection lives on. 
My parents created an incredible legacy within our family, and I cherish the moments I get to sit down and scroll through old photo albums more than anything else. It's like going back in history, seeing them relieved every second, laughing as if they were just there. 
I want to create something like that for you: worth lasting. Create something that should endure. In a world of fleeting moments passing us by at a million miles an hour, create something that makes time stand still. That is my responsibility as an artist. That is the mission I undertake when I pick up my camera. Build something to last. I can't wait to capture that precious gift for you as your love story unfolds.

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