St. Petersburg Beach Couple’s session


Aaron and Johanna are one of those couples that just fit! Everything about them blends perfectly together to create a relationship that exemplifies authentic, genuine, and fun love. I’ve known Aaron and Joanna since 2019, and they have taken a special place in my heart ever since.

I was so happy to hear that they were going to be in St. Petersburg and that they wanted to get a couple’s session for their first time! When we were talking about the things that they enjoyed doing together, I wasn’t surprised by their answer. They are the kind of special people who find joy in the little things in life.

Aaron and Joanna expressed that one of the most beautiful times that they share together is taking walks on the beach, and just laying on the sand to watch the sunset. I remember Aaron mentioning that he, “always wished there was someone capturing those special memories”. We knew right then and there that we needed to make it happen: A beach couple’s session where they could be their fun selves and express their love for each other. SO WORTH IT.

st. petersburg couple's session
couple touching noses at st. petersburg beach engagement session
couple engagement photos at st. petersburg beach
couple playing piggy ride at the beach
couple smiling at st. petersburg beach
couple laughing at st. petersburg beach
couple laughing at st. petersburg beach
couple kissing at st. petersburg beach
couple waling at the beach engagement session
couple waling on the beach
couple playing on the beach
couple portrait at st. petersburg beach
couple smiling at st. petersburg beach
couple looking at each other in st. petersburg beach
couple at the beach
couple laying on the beach
couples legs on the beach
couple's beach session
couple laying on the beach
close up of couple

This session couldn’t have gone more perfectly. The passion and love between Aaron and Joanna were picture perfect- and so was everything else about their dreamy beach couple’s session. If you and your partner are ready to plan your engagement photos, I’d love to connect and make your dream portraits come to life!

Don’t forget to come say “hi” on my Instagram @saraherrera_photography to see more stunning couples sessions.

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