Maria & Jake’s Wedding at The Birchwood


Maria and Jake’s Wedding at The Birchwood had it all. From an emotional first look and the washing of the feet ceremony to sneaking out from their wedding reception to soak up some intimate time, this couple knew the importance of including one on one time throughout their whole wedding day!

Every wedding day is uniquely beautiful, but as a wedding photographer, there are just some celebrations that stick out in my memory in a special way. Sometimes it’s because of the breathtaking venue and other times because of the personality-packed celebration that the bride and groom planned. But there are some wedding days that I’ll never forget because the couple chose vendors that turned a wedding day into a fairytale. And that was certainly the case with Maria and Jake’s wedding at The Birchwood!

The Big Day

Where to begin! The bride was radiant from the moment she arrived. I was honored to do her hair and makeup too and the result was just downright jaw-dropping. I especially loved how expressive her eyes looked. And when Maria slipped into her stunning Athena’s Bridal Boutique gown and held her sophisticated bouquet created by Chiara Flowers, her bridesmaids couldn’t contain the tears and love for her.  Moments like this are what make the pre-ceremony time some of my favorites on a wedding day! And the groom and his groomsmen in their tuxes had the James Bond look going on!

This purse was gifted to Maria by her MIL, from her MIL on her wedding day. What a thoughtful gift.


Before the ceremony began Maria and Jake did a first look. I will never forget Jake’s reaction when he finally saw his bride. His face was immediately filled with joy and happiness. And if this day couldn’t have started any better, they both had gifts for each other! But the one that really took the spotlight was Maria’s gift to Jake. I will just share the shocking reaction on Jake’s face here as the rest of the content was “for his eyes only” 😉

Their first act of service as a married couple: Washing each other’s feet.

It would be impossible not to notice how elegant and perfectly organized everything looked. The Wedding Gypsy was an outstanding wedding planner and stylist and really made this wedding come together in the most perfect way. And how could I possibly forget to mention the mouthwatering food from The Birchwood and the irresistible cannolis & Italian cookies by Mazzaros! Believe me, they looked – and tasted – downright incredible

Let’s The Party Begin

But this wedding at The Birchwood wouldn’t have been complete without music that got the couple, their families, and the guests out on the dance floor! When DJ L Mo played Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, the guests couldn’t resist getting up to dance, especially Kevin, Jake’s stepdad haha. The laughter in the air was irresistible, and I couldn’t help but laugh (and dance a little, too!) with them as I clicked away on my camera.

The Getaway

Before the night ended, Maria and Jake decided to sneak away from the crowd to have a little moment just to themselves… Of course, they took their photo and video with them 🙂 Treehouse Creative and I were thrilled about this idea, and the results of their pictures show the magic that happened! From jumping on the bed while leaving video messages for each other, to popping the champagne bottle from their engagement day in a picturesque bathtub, this moment is sure to be one that they (and I) will never forget. 

The work of talented vendors can turn a heartfelt celebration into one that’s impossible to forget, and that’s exactly what happened on Maria and Jake’s wedding day. I am so impressed that they were able to find so many amazing artists to bring their wedding at The Birchwood vision to life, and I’m beyond grateful that they chose me to document it all! Congratulations, Maria and Jake. I know your marriage will be just as beautiful as the day it began!

Planning a wedding day celebration with any of these amazing vendors? You better believe I’d love the chance to work with them again! Say hello, so we can get your wedding day on my calendar!




  1. Sandy Pizzo says:

    This is so well written! We appreciate you, Sara! You are a superior photographer! A gift we had in you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for capturing this blessed day.

    • Sara Herrera Vega says:

      Oh my Gosh Sandy, this is so sweet of you to say. Thank you so much for being and amazing mother of the bride. I will always be here if you ever need anything!

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